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Vision Services

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Vision Services

Vision Services: Powerful, efficient energy and building management from the cloud

SAUTER Vision Services are comprehensive, powerful modules from the SAUTER Cloud for energy monitoring, building management and energy management and analytics. The centralised approach of cloud operation means that the latest functions and extensions are always available for all building and energy management applications, without the need for time-consuming installations and migrations.
Additionally, it saves the investment costs in hardware and software and shifts these investments and their support to the cloud. IoT clients are used to securely transfer local energy and automation data by means of the MQTT protocol with TLS encryption.


  • Vision Services Energy Monitoring with dashboards, diagrams, energy navigation, meter overview with correction and offset functions for meter replacement, alarms, reports and data import and export management

  • Vision Services Building with dashboards, diagrams, alarms, object lists, scenario manager, reports and export function

  • Vision Services Energy Management & Analytics with additional diagrams for energy and plant analysis such as SANKEY, carpet & scatter plots. Histogram plots with Gaussian distribution function and analytics functions for automatic detection of operating pattern deviations, setpoint deviations and oscillations. All Vision Services Energy Monitoring functions are included.

All Vision Services can be booked individually or in combination. For example, Vision Services Energy can be used to operate dedicated monitoring in the cloud that runs independently of the local building management. However, complete building and energy management with analytics from the cloud can also be booked as a subscription.

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