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Building automation

Automated processes, fast open communication and high security

Intelligent building automation from SAUTER

Open system

SAUTER relies on an open system for building automation. The products can thus be used flexibly and open up a wide range of options for the user.
SAUTER’s BACnet compatibility enables open, interoperable building automation. BACnet stands for Building Automation and Control networks. All this is guaranteed without sacrificing security.

Building automation from SAUTER networks the existing systems and optimises interaction at maximum energy efficiency. It automatically determines (e.g. via presence detectors and sensors) the actual requirement for heating, cooling, fresh air, lighting and shading in the rooms and provides the right quantity of energy at the right time and in the right place. Such a demand-controlled building automation system enables energy-efficient building management, which prevents energy wastage and leads to a noticeable and rewarding reduction in operating costs – all with rapid amortisation.


As buildings become increasingly networked and automated, including via cloud and IoT technologies, security is also becoming an even more important issue. Building automation goes hand in hand with the Internet of Things and the cloud. Entire networks and systems must be secured. SAUTER specialists are happy to provide helpful recommendations on how users and operators can increase the security levels of their networks and systems.


Flexible, efficient building management requires a complete overview and comprehensive monitoring. The SAUTER software solutions for management and visualisation make it easier to control and monitor the individual components of the building and room automation, and are the prerequisite for energy-efficient building management.

SAUTER Vision Center

SAUTER Vision Center is the control centre and simultaneously the supervision solution for preparing all the data from installations, buildings and dispersed premises. Thus, this web-based building and energy management solution (BEMS) provides functions for room management and energy monitoring, as well as immediate higher-level information views (dashboards) with the most important key figures (KPIs) and the related diagrams. Here you will find more information on SAUTER Vision Center.

SAUTER moduWeb Vision

SAUTER moduWeb Vision is the comprehensive visualisation and operating system for permanently monitoring all your installations. If malfunctions occur, the unit automatically sends alarms and event messages by SMS or e-mail to predefined persons. Thanks to the embedded web technology, you are independent of the waiting cycles of conventional operating systems and standard computer technology. Learn more about SAUTER moduWeb Vision.



SAUTER EMS (Energy Management Solution) is a professional energy management solution for buildings that can be used as a system solution both from the cloud and when locally installed. It enables the central management of the most important key figures of your installations and buildings. And with the EMS Mobile energy management module, you can also monitor and optimise energy efficiency via tablet or smartphone.

SAUTER EMS is the ideal tool for the energy analysis of your buildings and plants and enables effective energy optimisation. SAUTER EMS also supplies you with benchmarks for key figures from similar properties. The measurement data is analysed and displayed via standardised reports or via the web portal integrated into the SAUTER EMS server, and via EMS Mobile. With this web portal and EMS Mobile you have an overview of all the relevant energy data. Find out more about SAUTER EMS here.

modulo 6

modulo 6 makes previously unattainable performance possible in terms of data points per automation station, memory space and processing speed. And this is achieved while taking up a minimum amount of space in the cabinet. The design and flexibility of the modulo 6 modules allow the provision of customised performance at optimised overall costs. From single-room control to a networked, globally distributed building cluster.

More information about modulo 6 can be found here.

ecos 504

The ecos 504 room automation family makes a significant contribution to integrated, secure room automation.
More information about SAUTER room automation can be found here.

Smart Actuator

The SAUTER Smart Actuator combines flexibility with predictive maintenance. The IoT-capable Smart Actuator represents the digital transformation with field devices in building technology. Among other things, the user benefits from shorter project durations and lower overall costs for plant construction and commissioning. Would you like to know more? More information about the Smart Actuator can be found here.

Continuous communication

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, SAUTER building automation systems are capable of continuous communication. BACnet is used in all equipment systems and in SAUTER room automation – to allow continuous, standardised communication. The same system is always used to ensure compatibility – from the room controller to the air conditioning unit to the visualisation system.

Users can also access the building automation system from everywhere to set their comfort environments to the level that suits them best. For example, Mobile Building Services can access settings such as heating, cooling or shading of the building via an app secured by an individual QR code – without the user having to be on site.


Thanks to the modularity of its integrated building automation, SAUTER offers maximum flexibility with numerous adaptation options. Each building has unique requirements and characteristics. The respective building automation solution can thus be individually adapted to the specific requirements of the building. The building’s users and operators benefit from maximum comfort, and yet with minimum energy consumption.

Modular components complete SAUTER building automation for holistic solutions – field buses and interfaces for specialised applications:

  • DALI:
    lighting control
    cooling system
  • KNX:
    electrical system
  • SMI:
    shading, window blinds
  • M-Bus:
    meters (heating, electricity, gas, water etc.)
  • Profibus:
    industry automation
  • OPC:
    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System), hotel booking system, access control, fire protection etc.

Intelligent building automation from SAUTER

Buildings offer space for working, living, learning, production, selling, entertainment etc. Depending on the purpose, users have different requirements for heating, cooling, conditioned air and lighting. Intelligent building automation from SAUTER ensures an optimum room climate based on the respective use. A comfortable room climate means well-being and productivity for the users.
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