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Aktuelne vesti

Aktuelne vesti
modulo 6 firmware version 2.0 for cyber security in building automation
SAUTER uses the latest IT standards for data protection and information security...
18 октобра 2023
Update for smart building management with SAUTER Vision Center 8.0
SAUTER Vision Center provides comprehensive building, energy and maintenance management with outstanding...
3 октобра 2023
Aktuelne vesti
New models in the SAUTER BIM library
Since BIM (Building Information Modelling) was introduced, it has become the standard...
12 септембра 2023
Aktuelne vesti
Mobile Building Services 2.0 now available
Flexible room booking, mobile workstations, mobile inventory and parking reservations make Mobile...
9 септембра 2023
Aktuelne vesti
Control large volume flows with eValveco flange
The SAUTER eValveco system is used for dynamic hydronic balancing in the...
10 августа 2022
Aktuelne vesti
Smart Actuator product launch: IoT for new buildings and refurbishments
SAUTER is expanding its range with the new generation of IoT-capable actuators....
26 јула 2022
Aktuelne vesti
Mobile Building Services: New design for the Mobile Room Control app
Users want smartphone and tablet solutions for individual operation in apartment, hotel...
14 марта 2022
Aktuelne vesti
SAUTER modulo 6: BACnet conformance certificate for all automation stations
Numerous SAUTER products, solutions and services in building management have received certifications...
13 марта 2022
Aktuelne vesti
New models in SAUTER’s BIM library
Digital building planning based on BIM (Building Information Modeling) is now standard....
18 фебруара 2022
Aktuelne vesti
Sauter Serbia 30th anniversary celebration
SAUTER NIGHT The people are the true secret of our success. It...
14 децембра 2021
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