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Valve actuator with spring return

AVF 124

Valve actuator with spring return

How energy efficiency is improved

Electric cut-off to save energy


  • Activation of 2- and 3-way valves of the VUN/BUN, VUD/BUD and VUE/BUE series, DN 15 to DN 50.

  • For controllers with a switching output (3-point control)

  • Spring return moves the unit to the end position in the event of a power failure or when a limit controller is activated

  • Stepping motor with electronic control unit and electronic, force-dependent cut-off

  • Maintenance-free gear unit

  • LED display

  • Coding switch for changing the running time

  • Electrical connections (max. 1.5 mm²) with screw terminals

  • Cable inlet M20 × 1.5

  • Fitting vertically upright to horizontal, not suspended

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