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Valve actuator with SAUTER Universal Technology (SUT)

AVM 105S, 115S

Valve actuator with SAUTER Universal Technology (SUT)

How energy efficiency is improved

Automatic adaptation to valve, precision activation and high energy efficiency with minimal operating noise


  • Activation of 2-way and 3-way valves of the VUN/BUN, VUD/BUD and VUE/BUE series

  • For controllers with a switching (2- and 3-point) or continuous (0…10 V) output

  • Stepping motor with SAUTER Universal Technology (SUT) electronic control unit and electronic, force-dependent cut-off

  • Automatic recognition of applied control signal (continuous or switched)

  • Coding switches for selecting characteristic and running time

  • Type of characteristic (linear/equal-percentage) can be set on the actuator

  • Automatic adaptation to valve stroke

  • Maintenance-free gearbox

  • Gear unit can be disengaged in order to position the valve by hand (hexagon key provided)

  • Connection with valve spindle performed automatically after control voltage is applied

  • Brass cap nut for fitting the valve

  • Fitting vertically upright to horizontal, not suspended

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