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Electric distributor for positioning signals

FXV 33** EasySwitch

Electric distributor for positioning signals

How energy efficiency is improved

Distributor for intelligent, energy-efficient control with variable channel assignment


  • For the control of a maximum of twelve thermal actuators for unit valves and the connection of up to eight room thermostats

  • Flexible assignment of the actuators to the room thermostats via rotary switch

  • Distribution of the power supply, the positioning signals and a shared time programme for room operating units

  • Easy to change channel assignment without rewiring

  • Pump logic module for activating a circulation pump

  • Input for timer for individual forwarding of time commands to the heating zones

  • LED status indicators for power supply, pump logic module and active heating channels

  • Integrated cable guides and terminal connection without tools

  • Fitting on DIN rail or wall mounting

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