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Update for smart building management with SAUTER Vision Center 8.0

3 October 2023 |

Update for smart building management with SAUTER Vision Center 8.0

SAUTER Vision Center provides comprehensive building, energy and maintenance management with outstanding analytical functions for optimal building operation. Version 8.0 of the Building Intelligence Hub adds customisable reporting options, plus other functions, that make operation even more efficient.


Digitalisation concepts for smart buildings form the basis for effective optimisation measures, whether they are to improve ease of use, to increase system availability, to optimise resources or to maintain long-term value. The expectations on the management system are extensive: The building management system should be comprehensive, but customisable. It should offer the full range of functionalities and at the same time be easy to operate. Future-proofing the BMSis essential, through scalability, reporting functions and integration into the building IT.

SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) meets the demands of building operators for comprehensive building, energy and maintenance management. Thanks to its modular structure the web-based management tool, in the HTML5 standard, enables the operation, analysis and visualisation of building functions with maximum flexibility, regardless of location or system. With the major release of SVC version 8.0, SAUTER is launching even more efficient reporting options that fulfillregulatory requirements.

Focus on topic- and customer-specific reports

Reports are a valuable tool for organisations to communicate their performance and progress on specific topics to a variety of stakeholders. With SAUTER Vision Center 8.0 a new report module, including a report designer for creating customised reports, has been integrated. Templates for various applications are available with the basic licence.

With the optional module, customised reports can be created for building utilisation, occupancy and operation. ESG reports for communicating sustainability metrics can also be generated directly, with a range of status information on the decarbonisation path, energy mix, consumption and the associated costs.

Create customised reports with the report designer module in SAUTER Vision Center 8.0

Create customised reports with the report designer module in SAUTER Vision Center 8.0

Efficient engineering with IT security

SAUTER Vision Center 8.0 is suitable for individual buildings as well as for entire systems and decentralised premises. The latest version incorporates updates to optimise engineering for large scale projects. For example, sub-projects can be set up separately in CASE Vision and flexibly assigned in the navigation structure in SVC without disturbing end users.

This makes engineering much more flexible and effective, especially in distributed premises, large building complexes, added buildings or complete refurbishments. Different teams can also create CASE Vision projects independently of each other and make changes and adjustments more quickly during the engineering phase.

The necessary data security is ensured at all times. SVC 8.0 takes over the hub function in BACnet/SC networks and thus ensures the encrypted communication that is required, particularly in critical infrastructures.

SAUTER Vision Center version 8.0 is available as of now. Get in touch with our sales department.

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