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Collaborating and exchanging knowledge

"At SAUTER, long-standing employees skilfully pass their knowledge on to new employees."

Our team always finds a solution

"Teamwork is central at SAUTER. This is one of the most important criteria for innovative and efficient solutions."

Opportunities for everyone

"SAUTER is always looking for ways of giving even part-time workers or those returning to work an opportunity."

Togetherness and enthusiasm

"What I particularly like about SAUTER is the strong feeling of togetherness and the lively enthusiasm for the work."


Jobs & careers

SAUTER is an attractive employer for dedicated people.

The SAUTER Group is one of the technologically leading companies in the field of building automation and system integration. It provides excellent career opportunities for first-time and experienced employees, and a good start for trainees.

Get to know people at SAUTER. Find out why it’s worth becoming part of our company.